Insulated and Efficient

And Good-Looking, Too

Garage doors come in a wide range of attractive styles, but looks aren’t everything. At Overhead Door Company of Portland, we know that homeowners want a nice-looking garage door that also offers energy-saving solutions. If you’re shopping around for a new garage door that goes above and beyond an eye-catching appearance, take a closer look at these insulated garage door options.

Traditional Steel Garage Doors

According to House Logic, Traditional Steel garage doors provide an affordable and low-maintenance option for homeowners. By choosing the insulated garage door panel, you can protect your garage from the elements like wind, rain and extreme temperatures. Some of the design options on Traditional Steel garage doors include:

• Panel designs – Pick your favorite from the standard, stamped or long panel garage door choices.
• Door colors – The five standard colors include white, almond, desert tan, taupe and brown. You can also choose to have the garage door painted to match your house’s color.
• Windows and glass – You can add customized windows and your glass preference to your garage door. For the glass choices, you can decide on clear, obscure, insulated, solar bronze or high-velocity impact glass.
• Wind load options – The WindStorm™ wind-load rated system is an option for select Traditional Steel garage doors. Now your garage door can withstand hurricane-force winds with no problem.

Every Traditional Steel garage door comes with an embossed wood-grain texture and resilient polyester paint finish. You’ll also find that these doors are reinforced for maximum durability and strength while maintaining a minimal weight.

The Thermacore® Collection

For maximum thermal efficiency, the Thermacore® Collection is manufactured with premium insulation construction. If your home is located in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, increased thermal protection adds comfort for your home as well as lower energy bills. In addition, the Thermacore® Collection comes with these available options:

• Panel designs – Choose from standard, stamped, long or flush panels in either seven or eight feet tall doors.
• Door colors – In addition to the standard colors, select models are available in brown, hunter green, gray, black or textured wood grain finishes in golden oak, mission oak or walnut.
• Window and glass – Window styles vary depending on the type of garage door panel you choose. On some models, you can even arrange the windows vertically or as a double row. For glass options, you can decide on insulated, tempered, obscure, solar bronze, high-velocity impact glass or Clear Lexan® shatter-resistant glass.
• Decorative accents – Finish off your premium garage door with ornamental hardware such as quality handles and hinges.

We Can Help

Both the Traditional Steel and Thermacore® Collection garage doors provide beauty, sophistication and insulation protection for your home. With so many design choices and options, feel free to visit our website today for more information.

Sleek, Modern and Maintenance Free

Upgrading the exterior of your home makes a world of difference in its appearance and also adds value to your property. In fact, replacing old garage doors with new is one of the best investments you can make, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 2015 Remodeling Impact Report.

Your garage doors account for a significant section of your home’s facade, so they should enhance its overall cachet. Also, with all the options in specially engineered materials and finishes, the doors you choose will look their best for years with zero maintenance. Depending on the style of your home and landscape, the Modern Aluminum, Impression or Durafirm Collections offer options that can turn your home from a wallflower into a work of art.

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors: The Ultimate in Contemporary Style

Sleek style best describes the Modern Aluminum garage door selection. Fashioned from light-filtering panes of glass and corrosion-resistant aluminum that is strong and durable, the doors in the Modern Aluminum collection pack a lot of appeal. If you have with an eye for design and an instinct for exceptional value, you’ll love this product line.

Choose from normal or heavy-duty frames in standard or custom sizes. The heavy-duty Model 521 is available in widths up to 20 feet and offers wind resistant upgrades.

Glass options include:

• Insulation
• Double-paned
• Obscure
• Satin
• Low E
• Tempered
• Tinted
• Clear polycarbonate
• Clear acrylic

These garage doors come in a clear finish, a dark bronze or a black anodized finish. You also have 188 options in powder coat colors, plus luxurious hardware choices.

Impression Collection Garage Doors: Artful Technology

The Impression line of garage doors pairs attractive wood-grain molded fiberglass with the underlying strength of steel. These architectural-quality doors enrich the appearance of your home’s exterior, bumping up its curb appeal. The wood-like finish provides years of maintenance-free, timeless beauty while the steel framework ensures structural reliability over the long-term. Polyurethane foam insulation supplies temperature regulation and mutes street noises.

You have four distinct design choices for your Impression Collection garage doors:

1. Vertical raised
2. Vertical slat
3. Horizontal raised
4. Horizontal v-groove

Ten wood-stain finishes give you plenty of options for matching or complementing your home’s facade. Optional windows with several choices in glass invite further customization, and powder-coated hardware adds upscale style.

Durafirm Collection: Lasting Beauty

Affordability, thermal efficiency and lasting durability make the Durafirm Collection an optimum choice in garage doors. They are rust-resistant, dent-protected and insulated too. Optional windows are available in clear, tinted or satin etched glass.

Durafirm doors have a steel framework, polyurethane insulation and a durable, low maintenance, UV-resistant vinyl skin. Four traditional color options look great with just about any exterior color scheme:

1. Cape Cod Gray
2. Adobe Cream
3. Glacier White
4. Monterey Sand

Durafirm garage doors come with a 15-year limited warranty, so you can depend on them looking and working great for some time to come.

At Overhead Garage Doors of Portland, we take pride in bringing you the latest designs and technologies in garage doors to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Contact us today for more information on our products.

How R-Values Help You Save Money On Energy Costs

Spend Less to Heat and Cool Your Home or Business by Being R-Value Savvy

There’s more to effectively heating or cooling a home or business than having a well-designed and properly installed heating and cooling system. Without the right insulation, much of the heated and cooled air that’s generated by such systems can easily escape, which forces them to work harder. When these systems work harder, they must use more energy, and that results in more expensive energy bills. Insulation helps enormously in this regard, and one of the most crucial aspects of choosing insulation is understanding the importance of R-value.

What is R-Value?

R-value refers to the capacity of insulating material to resist heat flow. To understand this, it helps to understand heat in general. Heat travels, and that’s precisely the problem that must be solved when heating or cooling a home. In the summer, heat flows into a home; in the winter, it flows out.

Heat travels by three means: radiation, convection and conduction. R-value addresses the latter, conduction, which is the transfer of heat through a material. Put simply, the higher the R-value, the better the insulation is at preventing the transfer of heat. By using insulation with a high enough R-value, you can prevent much of the heat loss that would typically happen during the winter. Similarly, insulation with an adequate R-value largely prevents hot air from coming into a home during the summer, which helps to keep it cooler.

Seal and Insulate Your Home or Business

When most people think about insulation, they think of the attic and walls of a home, which is where most heat escapes from or gets into a home. Entry points into a home, including doors and windows, are also common sites for the loss or entrance of heat into a home throughout the year, so it is crucial to ensure that they are properly installed and sealed to minimize this risk. Weather-stripping comes very much in handy in this regard, but if you want to drastically reduce heat transfer through doors, you should consider buying doors that are enhanced with high R-value insulation.

Invest in Insulated Doors

On a cold day, stand near a door in your home or business. Whether it’s the garage door, the front door or another door, you will probably notice a detectable drop in temperature when you stand right by it. If so, it’s not insulated enough and is allowing heat to escape. This issue can be remedied by purchasing doors that are properly insulated. Now that cooler, wetter weather has arrived in the Portland area, now is the time to do so. Overhead Door offers a wide array of insulated doors for homes and businesses, including our ThermaCore residential line, which offers R-values of 9.31, 12.76 and 17.5. Learn more by visiting our website today.

New Garage Doors Can Help Increase Property Value

A New Garage Door Invites Buyers In

If you’re selling your home in favor of new digs, chances are good that you’ve already got a huge to-do list. While we don’t want to load you down with even more responsibilities, you might find it a lot easier to overcome your general real estate stress if you do everything possible to increase your home’s curb value.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing walls or rush to the garden center to build up an attractive flower bed. A new garage door could be your ticket to attracting buyers.

Painting a Prettier Picture

Take a step out into your front yard, and look at your home. While you were out there, did you notice anything about your building’s appearance? If your home is like most of Portland’s typical residences, your garage accounts for a big percentage of the surface area it presents to the world. Although their utilitarian function may not exactly make them the focus of daily household activity, garage doors have a visual impact that’s impossible to ignore, and if yours looks unattractive or worn down, it brings the rest of your house down with it.

Increasing Value

Think you can afford to ignore curb appeal? Experts say otherwise, with many noting strong correlations between a home’s appearance and the kinds of asking prices sellers can usually fetch.

Of course, your bank account probably isn’t a bottomless pool, so you’ll have to choose your renovations judiciously. When deciding where to overhaul and where to simply apply a new coat of paint, consider the fact that some projects offer superior returns. According to sources like Angie’s List, homeowners may recoup around 84 percent of their garage door investments when it’s time to sell. This is a far cry from what you might make back on say, a new roof.

Picking the Perfect Match

Choosing a new garage door can be a big step, especially if you’re unsure precisely when you might move. As a general rule, you should compare and contrast a number of different aesthetic options with photo mock ups or some other tool that actually lets you see how the result will look for each installation.

When it comes to selecting materials and functional design options, think about what might provide the most value to a new homeowner. Does your garage’s minimal amount of insulation make it advisable to install a door with thicker panels? Is your extra-wide frame better suited by two independently opening doors?

By keeping these and other questions in mind, you’ll find it much easier to make a smooth transition regardless when you actually start packing boxes. Learn more about what your garage means for your home’s value by visiting the Overhead Door Company of Portland today.

Maximize Savings and Comfort by Winterizing Your Garage

You might be prepared for winter; you have snow tires on the cars, you’ve caulked around the windows to prevent cold air from sneaking in and you’ve added weather stripping to all your exterior doors. So you might be toasty warm inside your heated space, but have you thought about what’s going on in your garage? Whether you use your garage as a gym or workshop or simply keep it as a space to store your car, you’ll save money and protect your valuable possessions by winterizing your garage before the first freeze.

Pad the Cave

Insulating your garage can help keep it from becoming a frozen tundra and provide a buffer of warmer air next to your home. This means the air inside your home will stay warmer without as much effort, so you don’t have to blast the heat as much throughout the winter. If there’s a draft under your garage door, replace your weather stripping. Scrape off the existing weather stripping and make sure the surface is clean and dry. Align the new weather stripping with the garage door down. The door should flatten the rubber flap slightly when it’s closed.

If the temperature inside the garage drops below freezing, it can freeze any water left in equipment hoses and affect your power tools. Insulate the walls of your garage as well as the garage door to keep the temperature more stable. You can buy kits designed for insulating garage doors or replace the door with an insulated design.

Open Sesame

Having a garage might not be very beneficial to you if the door won’t open. Cold weather can affect your garage door by changing the sensitivity of the closing force. To adjust this, first make sure there is no space beneath the door when it’s closed. Adjust the force by accessing the door closer using a ladder. There should be adjustment screws that let you change the position of the closed door. These screws can be adjusted with a screwdriver until the door opens and closes properly. Click here to learn more about adjusting the door close force.

You know how you don’t really want to move all winter long? Your garage door can feel the same way when the cold weather makes the lubricant thick and sticky. From the inside of your garage, apply an oil-based lubricant like motor oil to the rollers, tracks and springs. Open and close the door a few times to get everything moving again. You don’t want your door to stick on that day that you’re really in a rush to leave the house.

Keeping your garage warm takes some time. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, hire a professional to take a look at your door. Contact the Overhead Door Company of Portland to ensure that your garage is properly winterized before it gets cold outside.

Maximize Fire Safety with Fire Doors

Schools, hospitals and other public buildings are required to have active fire protection devices like smoke alarms and sprinklers. In most areas, such buildings must also have passive fire protection features, which typically include fire walls, fire ceilings and other fire-resistant structural components. Passive fire protection systems like these help keep fire and smoke contained, but there still needs to be a way for people to get in and out of various parts of a building during a fire. That’s where fire doors come into play.

Fire doors are typically required wherever there are door openings in fire walls. Depending on the area, they may also be required for doors that lead to exit stairwells, doors that lead to hazardous areas and doors that have exit signs on or near them. They are occasionally also required in homes too. For instance, building codes may require residential fire doors for doorways leading to habitable rooms on a second floor like loft conversions or for doors leading to integral garages.

The primary purpose of a fire door is to contain fire at its point of origin. This often minimizes the amount of damage that can occur. Such doors have fire resistance ratings that reflect how many hours they can withstand exposure to heat, smoke and fire. Most doors are rated to withstand at least 30 minutes of an active fire. Some can withstand several hours. Local building codes typically dictate the minimum fire resistance rating that is required for a given building.

In addition to helping to contain fires, fire doors provide egress points that people can safely use to get out of a building when one occurs. These doors are required to be kept closed, and they should only be opened to allow people to get in or out of a room. Unfortunately, people often prop such doors open, which negates their fire-resistant qualities.

Rolling Fire Doors

Fire doors are required for doors that are located along fire walls, and they’re not limited to standard doors that people walk through. Commercial buildings with large, rolling doors typically need them too. Like regular fire doors, rolling fire doors are designed to withstand fire, smoke and heat over certain periods of time. If building codes require the use of fire doors, rolling fire doors must be used as well where applicable. Like regular fire doors, they’re made out of steel and other fire-resistant materials. They sometimes include a special core that contains additional fire-resistant materials. The door itself must be fire resistant, and the frame around it must be too.

If you own a commercial business in or near Portland and need a rolling fire door, Overhead Door has you covered. We offer standard rolling fire doors, insulated rolling fire doors, frame and sill fire counter doors and more. Visit our website today to check out the available options, or give us a call and tell us how we can help.

Benefits of Swing and Slide Gates For Home Driveways in Oregon

Upgrade Your Driveway With a Residential Gate

Gates offer a wide range of benefits to Oregon homeowners. In addition to making driveway entrances more attractive, they enhance security, safety and privacy. Differences in terrain and fence designs mean that that no single type of barrier is perfect for all locations. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a gate that will perform well and look superb on your property. Residential gates come in styles to suit many different homes, fences and landscapes.


The right driveway gate will complement your house or fencing and create an attractive, seamless first impression. Although passersby may briefly admire the gate, you won’t have to worry about people looking in your windows. These barriers greatly improve home and yard privacy. They also prevent salespeople from knocking on your door. You’ll be able to relax without being interrupted by promotional pitches for magazines or cable TV.

More importantly, a gate can help you stay safe. It adds another line of protection against burglars and vandals. Although Oregon’s largest city may not be known for crime, Portland State University reports that over 63,000 home burglaries occurred between 1995 and 2013. Such barriers also make it easier to stop kids from wandering the neighborhood without supervision. You can even use a gate to prevent people from entering your driveway during and after repaving.


All residential gates offer the above-mentioned benefits, but different types have separate pros and cons. The most popular option for homeowners is the swinging gate. It consists of one or two barriers that swing inward or outward. Compared to the alternatives, it’s less expensive and doesn’t need as much maintenance. You can use an affordable Byan 500 operator to automatically open and shut a swinging gate. If you prefer a hidden in-ground operator, look at the Byan model 1100. These dependable units come with long-term warranties.


Some gates slide left and right on metal tracks. Although this option calls for extra maintenance and demands more horizontal space, it works best if your driveway isn’t long enough to accommodate swinging gates. Sliding units also perform better on certain kinds of terrain. They’re preferable in regions with deep snow, but this normally isn’t a problem in Portland. A downside is that the gate mechanisms and operators cost more. Byan’s HYD1000 operator has the capability to motorize a sliding gate.

If you’re interested in restricting access to a driveway, the Overhead Door Company of Portland can help. We sell a variety of attractive, durable gates. Our staff knows how to customize these products to suit different residences. You can even add a battery backup system for maximum reliability. To learn more about purchasing and installing a driveway gate in Oregon, contact us today.

Commercial Security Grilles

How to Keep Your Shop on Lock

Your brand makes a mark on the world long after you’ve closed your doors and gone home for the day. When people walk by your location, the merchandise they see through the glass reminds them to stop by later and investigate more, so a well-kept storefront is one of your greatest marketing weapons.

Unfortunately, your storefront isn’t just a big ad. To would-be criminals, it’s like what a lighthouse is to pirates: an enticing promise of easy plunder. While remaining accessible is an great way to cultivate a strong local presence, your business is worth constant protection. Here are some of the ways you can use commercial security grilles to safeguard what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Simplicity Is Often Supreme

There are a bewildering number of security techniques at the modern retailer’s disposal. For instance, you could hire someone to patrol your premises. Security cameras, alarms and similar automated systems also serve as significant deterrents, but in the end, international research suggests such solutions function better when they’re combined with other techniques. The mere appearance of a formidable grille is often enough to convince thieves and vandals that testing your alarm or trying to sneak through a CCTV blind spot isn’t worth the effort.

Who Uses Security Grilles and Why?

Commercial security grilles aren’t just for isolated retailers. They’re common in malls whose shops might not all close or open at the same time, and public venues like concert halls and transportation hubs use grilles to separate specific spaces from wide-open areas nearby. These facilities commonly install side-folding open air grilles that close like curtains yet still permit airflow and light infiltration.

You’ve probably noticed similar side-folding grilles that enclose larger spaces in airports, subway terminals and other big buildings. In addition to controlling human traffic, they stop pesky debris from rolling through facilities like tumbleweeds, and the fact that they can be deployed quickly makes them perfect for enforcing temporary closures or protecting public safety in case of emergencies. Upward coiling grilles are commonly used to this effect when space is limited.

Of course, we’ve barely scratched the surface of commercial grille technology. Barriers come in a wide array of materials, and some even include options like motor drives that make it easier for drowsy night managers to remember to close shop properly. Learn more about your options by visiting the Overhead Door Company of Portland, and keep your shop safer when you aren’t around to see what’s going on.

Better Business Secrets: What You Didn’t Even Know About Overhead Door Placement

How to Choose an Overhead Door Location That Makes Good Business Sense

When you think about how to choose an overhead door for your business, you likely focus on factors such as door style, materials and access needs. As you weigh your options, don’t forget that the physical placement of your door is one of the most important business decisions of all. Even the best overhead door will fall short if you don’t put it in the right place.

Evaluating Your Overhead Door Needs
Before you can decide where you should put a commercial overhead door, you need to think about how the door will be used. This is essential to choosing the right door and getting the most out of your investment. Businesses typically use overhead doors for:

  • receiving freight
  • loading freight
  • admitting vehicles
  • controlling temperature conditions
  • dividing storage and work space
  • protecting warehoused inventory
  • increasing facility security

In addition to thinking about the purpose for the door, you’ll need to think about the kind of traffic it will see. For example, it’s generally safe to assume that an overhead door used for freight shipments will see heavier traffic than a door used to secure a separate inventory area within your facility. You should also think about the employees, vendors, drivers and customers who will access the door. Professional truck drivers might not mind navigating to the back of your business to get to an overhead door, but everyday customers might not feel as comfortable doing so.

Placing Your Overhead Door for Optimal Success
Increasing the efficiency of your business operations should be your top priority when choosing an overhead door location. If you’re debating between several different locations, talk to your overhead door dealer or a contractor. These professionals can draw on their previous experience to help you make a wise decision.

Plot out your business’s traffic flow as you decide on overhead door placement. It’s essential that consumers who need to drive or walk up to your business don’t get caught behind freight trucks. If you need customers to be able to drive through your overhead door, it’s important that you place it in an area that’s easy to find from the road or your parking lot. Accessing your overhead door shouldn’t be so logistically difficult that you have to plan ahead to use it or provide customers with a complicated map.

If you’re looking for an insulated door, you should also consider the impact of outside weather conditions in different areas. After all, there can be a big difference between the exposure to wind, snow and rain on different sides of your building. Choose a location that will optimize thermal efficiency.

Need help finding the right location for your steel, service or fire door? Contact the pros at Overhead Door of Portland today.

The Top Six Overhead Door Design Trends of 2015

Overhead garage doors make a statement about your home or business. Imagine pulling up to your home or commercial property and knowing that your overhead garage door is the envy of your area. So what are trendy homeowners and business owners choosing for their overhead designs this year? Take a closer look at these top six overhead door designs and decide which may be the best choice for you!

1. Go bold – Why not go all out and install a new overhead garage door that really turns heads? One of the latest design trends is to have a garage door that stands out from the rest of the house. Doors with custom designs, intricate hardware or playful geometric shapes are very popular this year.

2. Choose color – Not to be outdone by colorful front doors, overhead garage doors are now available in a variety of fun colors. Some homeowners prefer to match the color of the front door with the garage door, but others like to mix it up a little. Whether you decide on a traditional color like brown or a bright color like red, garage doors are a perfect place to show off your style.

3. Wood wins – For a classic look, you can choose a garage door with wood grain paint in a wide range of natural tones. The best part is the actual overhead door is still constructed of sturdy steel while the façade provides a real wood appearance. Check out some actual examples on different wood styles here.

4. The bigger the better – Many properties are remodeling now to accommodate large vehicles, boats or campers in the garage. With garage doors getting bigger and wider now, customized overhead doors are a great way to upgrade your office or home’s look at the same time.

5. Technology triumphs – In today’s world, you don’t have to fiddle around for old clickers or remember a key code. Nowadays, most garages will open and close by utilizing the internet on your cell phone. On top of that, new garage doors are equipped with soundless belt drives, battery backup systems, monitors and special side mount capabilities.

6. Green sustainability – Contemporary offices and homes are continuing to look for ways to be aesthetically pleasing without impacting the environment. Many overhead garage doors are constructed with sustainable products while still providing fashionable finishes. You may be surprised to discover that many environmentally-friendly doors are now available at affordable prices.

Whether you’re trying to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, remodel your office’s garage or plan for an extreme overhead door makeover, contact Overhead Door Company of Portland for some helpful pointers. With so many options and designer choices, sometimes an objective opinion can make a big difference in your final decision.