How Your Choice of Commercial Garage Doors Directly Affects Your Business

From appeal to security, garage doors matter for businesses

Commercial garage doors may be the first thing someone notices about your businessHow your business appears to the public influences customer reactions. If garage doors are a prominent part of your physical location such as with a repair shop or storage facility, they’re going to stand out to anyone stopping in or passing by. You want to choose a style that’s in line with your brand image and gives your company’s building a clean, reputable look. Even if the doors are around the back, it’s important that they are well kept and secure.

Convenience and Safety

The garage door you choose needs to operate well and be able to hold up through daily work conditions. It should open quickly and with smooth movements, and it should never slide or slam shut when you don’t want it to. Though these features may sound simple, they’re important to ensure the safety of customers and employees.


Any door can be a security risk if not properly protected. Garage doors are especially tempting targets due to their prominence and size. However, many commercial models are outfitted with features such as coded keypads to ensure that only authorized personnel have access. The materials used deter theft as well. Solid aluminum and steel doors without windows are difficult to breach, and if someone did try, building alarms would sound long before they got in.

Security grilles on retail locations inside larger buildings provide similar protection. Since many items stay sitting out while stores are closed, a solid grille ensures that no opportunistic thieves can get in and help themselves.


Anything kept in a garage may be subject to damage from weather, fire, and other hazards. When outfitting your business with new garage doors, consider the quality of the seal. Look into insulated models to keep temperature changes to a minimum. Fire-rated safety doors are another option. These features protect assets such as inventory and equipment in the event of a disaster, keeping losses to a minimum and helping you get back to business quickly.

When it comes time to upgrade the garage doors at your business, call the Overhead Door Company of Portland. We offer a wide selection of commercial doors that include sectional, service, rolling steel, and security grilles. We’ll help you choose the right door type for your business to ensure that you get the best quality with the highest amount of appeal.

Your Garage Shouldn’t Double as a Freezer

Use garage door insulation to improve your energy efficiencyYour garage might be a great place to store a spare freezer, but it shouldn’t actually be cold enough to serve as one. If a bag of peas will stay frozen inside your parked car for a week in winter, you might want to consider boosting your energy efficiency with an insulated garage door. Besides keeping your car warmer on harsh winter mornings and cooler on hot summer afternoons, garage door insulation provides a number of other great benefits.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Low winter temperatures can be harsh to your skin, your senses, and your budget. According to the EPA, an insulated garage door on an attached garage can help regulate the temperature in adjacent rooms, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your entire home. When combined with the thermal protection from insulation inside your home’s walls, an insulated garage door complete with proper garage door seals helps prevent heat and cold transfer and reduces the demand on your HVAC system. Garage door insulation is especially helpful if you decide to heat or cool your garage.

Waste Time in Comfort Year-Round

If you’re like most people, your garage is far more than a place to park your car. It’s one of the largest spaces in your home, so you might as well make the most of it. It’s great extra storage space, but if you want to have some fun, make it a workshop, a recreation room, or just a place to waste time doing nothing. An insulated garage door will make your hideaway a more comfortable environment year-round, so you won’t have frozen fingers while you’re building your own ukulele, and you won’t drip sweat into the clay when you’re sculpting a bust of your favorite superhero. If you like working with power tools, there’s an added bonus: An insulated garage door also helps block sound. You’ll hear less traffic noise when you’re seeking privacy, and your family will hear less from your chainsaw while you’re creating your masterpiece.

Avoid Garage Freezer Burn With Help From Overhead Door

The Overhead Door Company of Portland, OR, has been providing garage door maintenance and installation services for homes and businesses since 1929, and we understand how the climate can affect both your comfort level and your budget. Our insulated garage doors feature Thermacore technology and our patented sandwich construction to provide the highest R-value levels and thermal efficiency. At Overhead Door, we’re here to save you time and money, and we stand behind our work for the life of your insulated garage door. Contact us today to see how we can make your garage less like the tundra and more like an extension of your home.

Is Your Garage Door a Standout or a Sore Thumb?

How to know if your garage door adds to your home’s aesthetic value

Your garage door should make your parking and storage space more accessible and more attractive. Unfortunately, too many homeowners are stuck with garage doors that stick out like sore thumbs. Replacing a garage door that sticks out for all the wrong reasons is a great way to boost your home’s aesthetic value and make a beautiful impression on your neighborhood.

Does Your Garage Door Stand Out or Stick Out?

Maybe you’ve never spent much time thinking about what your garage door looks like. Its real purpose is to protect your possessions and provide you with easy access to your garage, so it might not seem important to pick a door that offers aesthetic value. However, it’s important to remember that the outside appearance of your home can have a big impact on its curb appeal and overall value. If you’re ready to make over your home’s exterior, the garage door is a great place to start.

Before you decide to replace an old garage door, take the time to determine whether its style, materials, and coloring is in line with that of your home. As you drive by your house from the street, does the garage door look natural or does it stand out from the rest of the home? Is your garage door made from materials that simply don’t complement your home’s architecture? If it seems that your garage door sticks out from the rest of your house, it’s likely a good idea to search for a replacement.

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

As you shop, remember that it’s essential to pick a garage door that complements your home’s overall style. The following garage door styles are among the most popular:

Victorian/Colonial: These doors are generally made from solid wood panels and feature decorative hardware meant to mimic the look of an old stable or coach house.

Arts and Crafts: These doors are constructed from multiple panels with raised sections and simple windows meant to make the most of natural light.

Ranch Style: These plain doors tend to be constructed of horizontal slats and feature simple hardware meant to complement the style of almost any home.

Contemporary/Modern: This style encompasses many different types of doors made from materials and hardware designed to make a statement. Stained woods and prominent windows are often featured in these types of doors.

Of course, it’s also important to pick a garage door that’s made from materials that are suitable for our climate. Today’s manufacturers offer durable, weatherproof door options that are also aesthetically striking. Stop by the Overhead Door Company of Portland today to explore your options and find a standout garage door for your home.

Is Your Garage Door Ready For Climate Change?

Extreme weather takes advantage of weak garage doors

Are your garage doors ready for the shifting seasons?

Climate change has had a major impact on Oregon’s weather and could produce even greater effects in the future. The Environmental Protection Agency predicts that Portland will experience hot, dry summer conditions and unusually wet winters. This harsh weather has the potential to put many homes at risk. If your garage doors aren’t durable enough, climate change could easily harm your house, garage, or vehicle.

Hot Weather

Greenhouse gases have the power to raise temperatures throughout the year. Unfortunately, excessive heat can cause wooden doors to warp or crack. The city of Portland warns that summer electricity prices could increase as residents use more air conditioners and as droughts hobble hydroelectric plants. You can minimize cooling costs by installing adequate garage door insulation.


As the climate changes, heavy rainstorms could become more common in the winter. A report from the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute predicts that coastal floods will increase. Proper garage door maintenance can reduce a building’s vulnerability to moisture. If you have a wooden door, you’ll need to paint or varnish it more often to prevent decay.


The EPA also warns that changing conditions could bolster pest populations in Oregon. It’s vital to stop insects and rodents from using your garage door as an entryway, especially if the garage connects to your living quarters. Some pests will stay outside if the door has weather stripping and a good seal at the bottom. Metal units offer better protection from wood-boring insects.


During recent years, summer droughts and heat waves triggered a number of wildfires in and around Portland. Invasive pests could make the situation worse by damaging trees. It’s important to seal any gaps around your garage’s entrances, since they could allow sparks to blow indoors. You can also decrease your home’s vulnerability to fire by purchasing sturdy steel doors.


The same winds that aid wildfires could harm your garage door by striking it with projectiles. Powerful gusts may also knock the door off its track and put your vehicle or lawn equipment at risk. To avoid this kind of damage, install wind-resistant doors with no windows. These heavy-duty units stand up to almost any severe weather and protect the entire building from strong storms.

If you’re concerned about a door’s ability to withstand harsh conditions or shield you from extreme temperatures, Overhead Door Company of Portland can help. Our staff provides professional garage door maintenance and installation services in western Oregon. We offer highly durable products at competitive prices. For more information or to schedule service, visit our website today.