Better Business Secrets: What You Didn’t Even Know About Overhead Door Placement

How to Choose an Overhead Door Location That Makes Good Business Sense

When you think about how to choose an overhead door for your business, you likely focus on factors such as door style, materials and access needs. As you weigh your options, don’t forget that the physical placement of your door is one of the most important business decisions of all. Even the best overhead door will fall short if you don’t put it in the right place.

Evaluating Your Overhead Door Needs
Before you can decide where you should put a commercial overhead door, you need to think about how the door will be used. This is essential to choosing the right door and getting the most out of your investment. Businesses typically use overhead doors for:

  • receiving freight
  • loading freight
  • admitting vehicles
  • controlling temperature conditions
  • dividing storage and work space
  • protecting warehoused inventory
  • increasing facility security

In addition to thinking about the purpose for the door, you’ll need to think about the kind of traffic it will see. For example, it’s generally safe to assume that an overhead door used for freight shipments will see heavier traffic than a door used to secure a separate inventory area within your facility. You should also think about the employees, vendors, drivers and customers who will access the door. Professional truck drivers might not mind navigating to the back of your business to get to an overhead door, but everyday customers might not feel as comfortable doing so.

Placing Your Overhead Door for Optimal Success
Increasing the efficiency of your business operations should be your top priority when choosing an overhead door location. If you’re debating between several different locations, talk to your overhead door dealer or a contractor. These professionals can draw on their previous experience to help you make a wise decision.

Plot out your business’s traffic flow as you decide on overhead door placement. It’s essential that consumers who need to drive or walk up to your business don’t get caught behind freight trucks. If you need customers to be able to drive through your overhead door, it’s important that you place it in an area that’s easy to find from the road or your parking lot. Accessing your overhead door shouldn’t be so logistically difficult that you have to plan ahead to use it or provide customers with a complicated map.

If you’re looking for an insulated door, you should also consider the impact of outside weather conditions in different areas. After all, there can be a big difference between the exposure to wind, snow and rain on different sides of your building. Choose a location that will optimize thermal efficiency.

Need help finding the right location for your steel, service or fire door? Contact the pros at Overhead Door of Portland today.

The Top Six Overhead Door Design Trends of 2015

Overhead garage doors make a statement about your home or business. Imagine pulling up to your home or commercial property and knowing that your overhead garage door is the envy of your area. So what are trendy homeowners and business owners choosing for their overhead designs this year? Take a closer look at these top six overhead door designs and decide which may be the best choice for you!

1. Go bold – Why not go all out and install a new overhead garage door that really turns heads? One of the latest design trends is to have a garage door that stands out from the rest of the house. Doors with custom designs, intricate hardware or playful geometric shapes are very popular this year.

2. Choose color – Not to be outdone by colorful front doors, overhead garage doors are now available in a variety of fun colors. Some homeowners prefer to match the color of the front door with the garage door, but others like to mix it up a little. Whether you decide on a traditional color like brown or a bright color like red, garage doors are a perfect place to show off your style.

3. Wood wins – For a classic look, you can choose a garage door with wood grain paint in a wide range of natural tones. The best part is the actual overhead door is still constructed of sturdy steel while the façade provides a real wood appearance. Check out some actual examples on different wood styles here.

4. The bigger the better – Many properties are remodeling now to accommodate large vehicles, boats or campers in the garage. With garage doors getting bigger and wider now, customized overhead doors are a great way to upgrade your office or home’s look at the same time.

5. Technology triumphs – In today’s world, you don’t have to fiddle around for old clickers or remember a key code. Nowadays, most garages will open and close by utilizing the internet on your cell phone. On top of that, new garage doors are equipped with soundless belt drives, battery backup systems, monitors and special side mount capabilities.

6. Green sustainability – Contemporary offices and homes are continuing to look for ways to be aesthetically pleasing without impacting the environment. Many overhead garage doors are constructed with sustainable products while still providing fashionable finishes. You may be surprised to discover that many environmentally-friendly doors are now available at affordable prices.

Whether you’re trying to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, remodel your office’s garage or plan for an extreme overhead door makeover, contact Overhead Door Company of Portland for some helpful pointers. With so many options and designer choices, sometimes an objective opinion can make a big difference in your final decision.