Benefits of Swing and Slide Gates For Home Driveways in Oregon

Upgrade Your Driveway With a Residential Gate

Gates offer a wide range of benefits to Oregon homeowners. In addition to making driveway entrances more attractive, they enhance security, safety and privacy. Differences in terrain and fence designs mean that that no single type of barrier is perfect for all locations. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a gate that will perform well and look superb on your property. Residential gates come in styles to suit many different homes, fences and landscapes.


The right driveway gate will complement your house or fencing and create an attractive, seamless first impression. Although passersby may briefly admire the gate, you won’t have to worry about people looking in your windows. These barriers greatly improve home and yard privacy. They also prevent salespeople from knocking on your door. You’ll be able to relax without being interrupted by promotional pitches for magazines or cable TV.

More importantly, a gate can help you stay safe. It adds another line of protection against burglars and vandals. Although Oregon’s largest city may not be known for crime, Portland State University reports that over 63,000 home burglaries occurred between 1995 and 2013. Such barriers also make it easier to stop kids from wandering the neighborhood without supervision. You can even use a gate to prevent people from entering your driveway during and after repaving.


All residential gates offer the above-mentioned benefits, but different types have separate pros and cons. The most popular option for homeowners is the swinging gate. It consists of one or two barriers that swing inward or outward. Compared to the alternatives, it’s less expensive and doesn’t need as much maintenance. You can use an affordable Byan 500 operator to automatically open and shut a swinging gate. If you prefer a hidden in-ground operator, look at the Byan model 1100. These dependable units come with long-term warranties.


Some gates slide left and right on metal tracks. Although this option calls for extra maintenance and demands more horizontal space, it works best if your driveway isn’t long enough to accommodate swinging gates. Sliding units also perform better on certain kinds of terrain. They’re preferable in regions with deep snow, but this normally isn’t a problem in Portland. A downside is that the gate mechanisms and operators cost more. Byan’s HYD1000 operator has the capability to motorize a sliding gate.

If you’re interested in restricting access to a driveway, the Overhead Door Company of Portland can help. We sell a variety of attractive, durable gates. Our staff knows how to customize these products to suit different residences. You can even add a battery backup system for maximum reliability. To learn more about purchasing and installing a driveway gate in Oregon, contact us today.

The Latest Automatic Gate Safety Features

Automatic gate safety featuresWhen it comes to offering convenience, automatic driveway gates do as well as their garage door counterparts. Both let you drive right in without getting out of your car. Sadly, many homeowners fail to realize that each of these contrivances can also be equally deadly. If your automated gate dates to 2001 or earlier, trouble could be right around the corner.

A Deadly Trap

Between the years of 1985 and 2001, more than 30 individuals died in automated gate accidents. In addition, about 25,000 others suffered injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones and amputated limbs. The unsettling fact is that prior to the year 2000, most of these gates lacked the safety features that would have prevented those mishaps.

What Do New Gates Have That Old Gates Don’t?

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Underwriters Laboratories, the UL325 standard now includes a set of requirements specifically intended to prevent automated gate tragedies. In addition to directives for installation, UL325’s most important mandates include photoelectric sensors, opening guards, and audio alarms.

Photoelectric Sensors

The biggest safety feature, and one that was glaringly absent prior to 2001, is an automatic sensor to reverse or stop the gate’s motion in the presence of an obstacle. The extreme force exerted by an automatic gate can crush whatever gets in its way. Photoelectric devices will sense the intrusion and reverse the gates before any damage occurs.

Opening Guards

A traditional swing on the garden gate is almost a childhood ritual, but where automated devices are concerned, a ride such as this can be deadly. To put an end to this dangerous practice, new standards insist upon the installation of a screen that stretches from the gate’s bottom edge to a height of at least 4 feet. Similar guards installed between and alongside the gates will discourage anyone from reaching through to retrieve a dropped item or activate the controls.

Audio Alarms

If, while the gates are in motion, two entrapment protectors should activate sequentially, these alarms will alert those nearby that the gates have malfunctioned and that someone could be in danger. This feature alone could help save a life.

Pedestrian Protections

To prevent any injury to passers-by, an automatic gate must always open toward the property’s interior. A proper installation will also include a separate pedestrian entrance to thwart attempts at walking through the gate, and homeowners should always be sure to locate manual controls far from the gate’s extended reach.

While the convenience of an automated gate has always gone without question, these modern standards are an essential means of ensuring their safe operation. If you have any questions about your own gate, Overhead Door Company of Portland has answers. To see what you can do to eliminate the dangers of your automated gate, head over to our website for more information or contact us today.

Gated Community History: From Ancient Times to Today

From Ancient Rome to West Palm Beach

Residential gates for communities

Certain parts of the Portland area are no stranger to residential gates. From the gated communities of the West Hills to the semi-rural parcels with broad driveway gates out east, our little slice of paradise has plenty of “gate variety.” You might be surprised to learn, however, that the urge to create gated spaces goes back thousands of years. In fact, some ancient gated communities may have predated the Egyptian pyramids!

Walled Cities of the Ancient World

The ancient world was a violent, unpredictable place. To maintain some semblance of order, city-states constructed massive fortifications that walled off the center of town from outlying districts and ensured that the most important structures and people remained protected. Access to fortified areas was controlled by massive, reinforced gates that prevented all but the most determined invaders from entering. To back up these gates, city-states would often employ a whole host of defenses, including hot oil, archers, water barriers, and other nasty implements. The ancient world’s most impressive gates were found in China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

A Gate for Every Castle

During the medieval period, towns were often controlled by a royal or noble family that lived in a castle or fortified estate house. Along with the castle or house itself, surrounding outbuildings – often occupied by other members of the nobility, clergymen, or important support staff – were blocked off from the surrounding countryside by walls, berms, moats, and other defenses. As in the ancient world, access was only allowed through reinforced gates.

Modern Gated Communities: A Return to Form?

These days, gated communities and individual homeowners don’t really worry about being overrun by barbaric hordes or rival clans. However, Americans do have to deal with safety and security threats that can be mitigated by the strategic use of gates. Today’s gates are more varied than at any time in history. They deftly straddle the line between practicality and beauty. From wrought-iron residential gates designed for single-family properties to commercial-grade swing, slide, and lift gates that can handle all manner of traffic, it’s a great time to invest in a gate for your property.

Turn to a Trusted Gate and Door Resource in Portland, OR

We might never be able to turn back the clock and see what life was really like behind the residential gates of ancient Rome or Greece, but there are plenty of modern alternatives that entice American homeowners today. If you’re in the market for a gate or door that does your property justice, we’re happy to guide you on your buying journey. For more information about all the options available to you, call us at (503) 252-5111 or contact us online.

Will Your Automatic Gates Open in a Power Outage?

Don’t let automatic gates disrupt your life

Do your company's automatic gates work the way they should?Lengthy power outages occur in the Portland area from time to time. Equipment failures, car accidents, and fierce weather can trigger them. For example, a massive winter storm brought snow and ice to the city in late 2008. The Oregonian reported widespread damage, road closures, and electrical outages across the region. Such storms may cause major problems for home and business owners with automatic gates. Without the right equipment, you could have difficulty entering or leaving your parking area.

A Solution

Many access gates prove difficult to open manually. In fact, some units weigh over 1,000 pounds. The good news is that sophisticated residential and commercial gate openers have electrical backup systems. They charge powerful batteries and use this energy to operate automatic gates when the normal electric supply is interrupted. This prevents a blackout from completely disrupting your life or business activities. It also ensures that police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel can reach your property. This is important because many injuries happen when people use alternate lighting or heating equipment after the power goes out.

Energy Options

Most backup systems charge their batteries with power from the electrical grid. This configuration works well in many situations. Nevertheless, a battery could run out of energy before Portland General Electric restores power. This might occur if an outage persists for several days or you open and close the gate repeatedly. One solution is to connect the opener to a gas or diesel generator. Gates will remain operable as long as you have sufficient fuel.

Another option is to power the battery charger with renewable energy. You can set up a small wind turbine or photovoltaic panel and connect it to the gate opener. This may require a significant investment, but it reduces your electric bill and is friendly to the environment.


If you want to obtain a reliable opener with a battery backup system, look no further than the Overhead Door Company of Portland. We sell and install several high-quality models that operate swinging and sliding gates. Some units feature special wireless communication or entrapment-prevention technologies. Our company also installs durable access gates on residential, industrial, and commercial properties. For over eight decades, the people of Oregon have trusted us to supply top-notch equipment at affordable prices. Visit our website to learn more about our products and services, or contact us today.