Better Business Secrets: What You Didn’t Even Know About Overhead Door Placement

How to Choose an Overhead Door Location That Makes Good Business Sense

When you think about how to choose an overhead door for your business, you likely focus on factors such as door style, materials and access needs. As you weigh your options, don’t forget that the physical placement of your door is one of the most important business decisions of all. Even the best overhead door will fall short if you don’t put it in the right place.

Evaluating Your Overhead Door Needs
Before you can decide where you should put a commercial overhead door, you need to think about how the door will be used. This is essential to choosing the right door and getting the most out of your investment. Businesses typically use overhead doors for:

  • receiving freight
  • loading freight
  • admitting vehicles
  • controlling temperature conditions
  • dividing storage and work space
  • protecting warehoused inventory
  • increasing facility security

In addition to thinking about the purpose for the door, you’ll need to think about the kind of traffic it will see. For example, it’s generally safe to assume that an overhead door used for freight shipments will see heavier traffic than a door used to secure a separate inventory area within your facility. You should also think about the employees, vendors, drivers and customers who will access the door. Professional truck drivers might not mind navigating to the back of your business to get to an overhead door, but everyday customers might not feel as comfortable doing so.

Placing Your Overhead Door for Optimal Success
Increasing the efficiency of your business operations should be your top priority when choosing an overhead door location. If you’re debating between several different locations, talk to your overhead door dealer or a contractor. These professionals can draw on their previous experience to help you make a wise decision.

Plot out your business’s traffic flow as you decide on overhead door placement. It’s essential that consumers who need to drive or walk up to your business don’t get caught behind freight trucks. If you need customers to be able to drive through your overhead door, it’s important that you place it in an area that’s easy to find from the road or your parking lot. Accessing your overhead door shouldn’t be so logistically difficult that you have to plan ahead to use it or provide customers with a complicated map.

If you’re looking for an insulated door, you should also consider the impact of outside weather conditions in different areas. After all, there can be a big difference between the exposure to wind, snow and rain on different sides of your building. Choose a location that will optimize thermal efficiency.

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The 4 Types of Garage Doors You Never Knew You Needed

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Find out which materials make the best garage doors

In the crowded world of home improvement products, where aesthetic staples like front doors and windows dominate, garage doors rarely get the recognition they deserve for making homes more beautiful, functional and valuable. The fact is that the right garage door can set the tone for your entire home, and with so many upgraded materials to choose from, finding that perfect fit is easier than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about the top four types of garage doors on the market right now.


Strong, resilient and durable, steel garage doors are ideal for spaces that see a lot of wear. Despite packing a powerful punch, steel doors are surprisingly lightweight. If you’re after their qualities but would like a softer, more classic look, the metal surface can be easily painted in any pattern or overlaid with faux wood panels. You can also layer real wood on top of the base, but be sure to choose a lighter wood material to avoid putting too much weight on your garage doors.


Since a new set of garage doors is a potentially pricey long-term investment, where you live plays an important role in the type of materials you should consider. If you like the idea of steel but live near the coast or anywhere moisture is a concern, you can get a similar look and function without the risk of corrosion with sturdy aluminum doors.

Like steel garage doors, aluminum doors can be polished for an ultra-modern look or covered with textured panels and paint for a warmer finish.


For homeowners who love that traditional feel of all-natural materials, classic wood garage doors can’t be beat. Designed with a dazzling variety of woods, shades and grains, wood garage doors can fit almost any style, from luxurious to tropical to rustic. In the rare case that you can’t find the right look for your home, you can create it yourself or on order with custom finishes and stains.


While it’s versatile and strong, wood is still an organic material, so it can be impractical in woody areas with large pest populations. This is where fiberglass—available in a variety of beautiful faux wood finishes—comes in. Known for being resistant to both pests and moisture, it’s the quintessential material for homes in challenging environments.

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How Your Choice of Commercial Garage Doors Directly Affects Your Business

From appeal to security, garage doors matter for businesses

Commercial garage doors may be the first thing someone notices about your businessHow your business appears to the public influences customer reactions. If garage doors are a prominent part of your physical location such as with a repair shop or storage facility, they’re going to stand out to anyone stopping in or passing by. You want to choose a style that’s in line with your brand image and gives your company’s building a clean, reputable look. Even if the doors are around the back, it’s important that they are well kept and secure.

Convenience and Safety

The garage door you choose needs to operate well and be able to hold up through daily work conditions. It should open quickly and with smooth movements, and it should never slide or slam shut when you don’t want it to. Though these features may sound simple, they’re important to ensure the safety of customers and employees.


Any door can be a security risk if not properly protected. Garage doors are especially tempting targets due to their prominence and size. However, many commercial models are outfitted with features such as coded keypads to ensure that only authorized personnel have access. The materials used deter theft as well. Solid aluminum and steel doors without windows are difficult to breach, and if someone did try, building alarms would sound long before they got in.

Security grilles on retail locations inside larger buildings provide similar protection. Since many items stay sitting out while stores are closed, a solid grille ensures that no opportunistic thieves can get in and help themselves.


Anything kept in a garage may be subject to damage from weather, fire, and other hazards. When outfitting your business with new garage doors, consider the quality of the seal. Look into insulated models to keep temperature changes to a minimum. Fire-rated safety doors are another option. These features protect assets such as inventory and equipment in the event of a disaster, keeping losses to a minimum and helping you get back to business quickly.

When it comes time to upgrade the garage doors at your business, call the Overhead Door Company of Portland. We offer a wide selection of commercial doors that include sectional, service, rolling steel, and security grilles. We’ll help you choose the right door type for your business to ensure that you get the best quality with the highest amount of appeal.

Your Garage Shouldn’t Double as a Freezer

Use garage door insulation to improve your energy efficiencyYour garage might be a great place to store a spare freezer, but it shouldn’t actually be cold enough to serve as one. If a bag of peas will stay frozen inside your parked car for a week in winter, you might want to consider boosting your energy efficiency with an insulated garage door. Besides keeping your car warmer on harsh winter mornings and cooler on hot summer afternoons, garage door insulation provides a number of other great benefits.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Low winter temperatures can be harsh to your skin, your senses, and your budget. According to the EPA, an insulated garage door on an attached garage can help regulate the temperature in adjacent rooms, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of your entire home. When combined with the thermal protection from insulation inside your home’s walls, an insulated garage door complete with proper garage door seals helps prevent heat and cold transfer and reduces the demand on your HVAC system. Garage door insulation is especially helpful if you decide to heat or cool your garage.

Waste Time in Comfort Year-Round

If you’re like most people, your garage is far more than a place to park your car. It’s one of the largest spaces in your home, so you might as well make the most of it. It’s great extra storage space, but if you want to have some fun, make it a workshop, a recreation room, or just a place to waste time doing nothing. An insulated garage door will make your hideaway a more comfortable environment year-round, so you won’t have frozen fingers while you’re building your own ukulele, and you won’t drip sweat into the clay when you’re sculpting a bust of your favorite superhero. If you like working with power tools, there’s an added bonus: An insulated garage door also helps block sound. You’ll hear less traffic noise when you’re seeking privacy, and your family will hear less from your chainsaw while you’re creating your masterpiece.

Avoid Garage Freezer Burn With Help From Overhead Door

The Overhead Door Company of Portland, OR, has been providing garage door maintenance and installation services for homes and businesses since 1929, and we understand how the climate can affect both your comfort level and your budget. Our insulated garage doors feature Thermacore technology and our patented sandwich construction to provide the highest R-value levels and thermal efficiency. At Overhead Door, we’re here to save you time and money, and we stand behind our work for the life of your insulated garage door. Contact us today to see how we can make your garage less like the tundra and more like an extension of your home.