Why You Don’t Need a Broken Garage Door to Go for a Makeover


Refresh your Portland home with an updated door style

When you think of giving your home a makeover, you probably picture new siding, bigger windows, some paint or even a new roof. However, upgrading your garage door may do more for the appearance of your home than any other project. Even if there’s nothing mechanically wrong with it, there are several reasons to consider investing in a new garage door.

Create More Curb Appeal

Garage doors represent a significant amount of exterior space and can easily be seen by anyone who passes by. In fact, the garage door is often the first thing that greets visitors when they arrive at your home. Make this greeting a positive one by selecting a new door with welcoming features like wood paneling and arched windows. Create balance by choosing subtle colors that complement the rest of the house as well as the surrounding area.

Freshen Up with a Facelift

As your garage door ages, it can begin to crack, rust, warp or develop imperfections in the paint. This has the effect of making the entire house look old and worn. You might be surprised just how much better everything appears after you invest in a new garage door. This one simple change has a big effect not only on the aesthetic qualities of your home but also on the atmosphere it projects.

Alter Home Appearance

Trends in home styles shift over the years, and when a new design catches your eye, you want to have a garage door that matches the rest of the house. Go for wood if you’re switching from contemporary to rustic, or choose metal doors for a modern look. Durable vinyl is a popular option that looks good with just about any style.

Make a Good Impression

While impressing people shouldn’t be your first thought when looking into a garage door upgrade, you do want to consider how your investment will affect the future value of your home. Installing a new door has the potential to pay for itself if you decide to put the house on the market. Buyers like upgrades, and the same curb appeal that makes guests feel welcome can become a selling point that you can leverage when negotiating price.

When you’re ready to give your garage door a facelift, contact the Overhead Door Company of Portland. We offer a wide range of beautiful garage door designs and can help you choose the best one to enhance the look of your home. Check out our online design center for a preview of available styles, and then give us a call to get started with this simple home upgrade.

The 4 Types of Garage Doors You Never Knew You Needed

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Find out which materials make the best garage doors

In the crowded world of home improvement products, where aesthetic staples like front doors and windows dominate, garage doors rarely get the recognition they deserve for making homes more beautiful, functional and valuable. The fact is that the right garage door can set the tone for your entire home, and with so many upgraded materials to choose from, finding that perfect fit is easier than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about the top four types of garage doors on the market right now.


Strong, resilient and durable, steel garage doors are ideal for spaces that see a lot of wear. Despite packing a powerful punch, steel doors are surprisingly lightweight. If you’re after their qualities but would like a softer, more classic look, the metal surface can be easily painted in any pattern or overlaid with faux wood panels. You can also layer real wood on top of the base, but be sure to choose a lighter wood material to avoid putting too much weight on your garage doors.


Since a new set of garage doors is a potentially pricey long-term investment, where you live plays an important role in the type of materials you should consider. If you like the idea of steel but live near the coast or anywhere moisture is a concern, you can get a similar look and function without the risk of corrosion with sturdy aluminum doors.

Like steel garage doors, aluminum doors can be polished for an ultra-modern look or covered with textured panels and paint for a warmer finish.


For homeowners who love that traditional feel of all-natural materials, classic wood garage doors can’t be beat. Designed with a dazzling variety of woods, shades and grains, wood garage doors can fit almost any style, from luxurious to tropical to rustic. In the rare case that you can’t find the right look for your home, you can create it yourself or on order with custom finishes and stains.


While it’s versatile and strong, wood is still an organic material, so it can be impractical in woody areas with large pest populations. This is where fiberglass—available in a variety of beautiful faux wood finishes—comes in. Known for being resistant to both pests and moisture, it’s the quintessential material for homes in challenging environments.

Are you in the market for new garage doors in Portland? Contact Overhead Door Company of Portland directly or browse our website to learn more about our garage doors and installation services.

Raising Doors and Raising Value


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Is your garage door a valuable selling point or a pitiful relic? If you’ve ever seen HGTV’s “Curb Appeal,” you understand the importance of appearance when selling your home. Potential home buyers react to houses the same way many people react to other humans. If it doesn’t make a good first impression, they’re not interested. Although it may seem terribly shallow and unfair, there’s a good reason for paying attention to aesthetics. When a home’s exterior looks updated and well-kept, it suggests that its owner has taken good care of it. It’s important to have your siding and windows in great shape, and it helps to tidy up your landscape, but don’t forget that your garage door occupies almost half of the visible portion of your home’s exterior. If it’s old, outdated, worn or just plain ugly, it could be a huge turn-off to buyers. Fortunately, an unattractive garage door is something you can fix easily.

It’s Time for a Makeover

It’s not hard to understand why a new garage door raises your property value. Old, heavy garage doors are no longer acceptable to most homeowners. They’re hard to lift and waste both time and effort. Today’s smooth operating sectional doors look great, roll up easily and provide better security. With so many options available, you can easily find a garage door to complement your home’s architectural style and other exterior features such as your windows and entry doors. Material choices include wood, aluminum, glass, steel and even vinyl, so there’s a door for every budget. Choose from traditional panels, contemporary designs and charming, historic carriage house styles.

Beyond Looks: Your New Garage Door Can Save Money

A new garage door doesn’t just turn heads. It can save you and the home’s future owners money. Replacing a garage door is one of the top five renovation projects known to deliver the highest return on investment at resale. You can expect to recoup about 84% of the cost. Because today’s garage doors are created with energy efficiency in mind, you’ll also save on your heating and cooling bills while you live in the house.

Overhead Door Company Makes Boosting Curb Appeal Easy

Both figuratively and literally, your garage door is a big deal; there’s no easier or faster way to make an impression on potential buyers than improving the look of a feature that accounts for 40% of your home’s appearance. At Overhead Door Company of Portland, OR, we carry an extensive selection of premium garage doors in styles and colors that give your home’s exterior new life and deliver superb performance and energy efficiency. Contact us today, so we can help you make your home a real estate agent’s dream.

Caught With Your Foot in the Door

garage doors portlandPreventing mishaps with your garage door

A garage door that’s in working order will never open or close without someone activating the opener. However, all electronic systems have the potential to malfunction or fail. If this happens when someone is in the path of your garage door, it can cause pain, injury or even death. Cars can also become stuck under doors that close unexpectedly, resulting in high repair bills at the least and serious injury at the worst.

Garage Door Safety Standards

Because of these potential dangers, there are specific safety standards that garage door manufacturers must follow. Doors that are opening or closing should stop automatically if the garage door opener button is pressed a second time. In addition, all doors must have a reversing system in place that automatically pulls the door back up within two seconds of contacting an object in its path. The same system must reopen the door within 30 seconds if it doesn’t close all the way.

Garage door manufacturers must provide clear instructions for how to detach the power mechanism from the door if need be. In the event of a problem, you should be able to do this yourself without help from a professional.

Additional Security Measures

Garage doors safety may also be improved with:

• Sensors that reverse the door if its path is obstructed
• Motion detectors to sense objects passing underneath a closing door
• Visual inspection of the door area before closing
• Safety cables to catch the door if springs break

Performing Regular Inspection

These safety features will keep your family safe from garage door mishaps as long as the door itself is in good working order. To ensure that this is the case, perform regular inspections of the mechanical parts. Check all springs and brackets for rust and tighten attachments if need be. Detach the door from the opener and open and close it manually, watching for any signs of imbalance or misalignment. Assess the condition of the rollers and pulleys as well as the wiring inside the opener panel, looking for anything that appears worn, rusted, split or rotten.

If your garage door needs replacing or you find that the opener mechanism is unsafe, contact the Overhead Door Company of Portland. We’ll set you up with a safer, more reliable system that opens and closes the door only when it should. Choose from screw drive, belt drive and chain drive openers complete with built-in diagnostics and “Safe-T-Beam” technology to ensure that you and your family stay safe whenever the garage door is in operation. Call a local distributor today to find the best opener system for your home.

Man Power Vs. Horsepower

The Advantages of Motorized Garage Doors

It’s no fun to get out of the car every time you need to open or close the garage door. On sunny days, it’s just an inconvenience, but when it’s cold or rainy, wouldn’t you much rather be able to drive straight into the garage? Upgrading to a motorized garage door could make your life much easier.

Remote Operation

When you switch to a motorized door, all you have to do to open the garage is press a button on a remote control. The door slides open and you can drive into the garage without having to face bad weather. When you’re working in the garage, a motorized door makes it easy to get in and out even if you have your hands full of tools.

Special Safety Features

Manual garage doors can be iffy when it comes to safety. You can never be quite sure if they’ll stay up or shut all the way when they’re supposed to. Motorized doors are usually outfitted with features such as sensors that cause the door to open back up immediately if it encounters resistance or to stop closing if something crosses its path. With these measures in place, you can relax knowing that your family is safe when entering and leaving the garage.

Better Security

How many times have you had to go back home to make sure that you closed the garage door? You can stop worrying if you choose a motorized door with an auto-close feature and automatic locking. To add to the security of both the door and your home, look for controls that offer a “vacation mode” setting that disables certain functions while you’re away from home so that no one can open the door even if they have the remote.

Other Reasons to Upgrade

In addition to these benefits, there are many other reasons to upgrade your garage door. A new door makes the entire house look nicer and operates without catching or sliding out of place. New garage doors have fresh seals that modulate interior temperatures and keep your energy bills down. Plus, upgrading your door reduces the need for maintenance and repairs.

Don’t spend another day struggling with a manual garage door. Contact us at Overhead Door Company of Portland to schedule an upgrade and start enjoying the simplicity of a motorized model. Our online “DoorView” tool makes it easy to see how each of the doors we have available will appear when installed. Once you know the style that you want, our specialists are ready to install at your convenience.