Insulated and Efficient

And Good-Looking, Too

Garage doors come in a wide range of attractive styles, but looks aren’t everything. At Overhead Door Company of Portland, we know that homeowners want a nice-looking garage door that also offers energy-saving solutions. If you’re shopping around for a new garage door that goes above and beyond an eye-catching appearance, take a closer look at these insulated garage door options.

Traditional Steel Garage Doors

According to House Logic, Traditional Steel garage doors provide an affordable and low-maintenance option for homeowners. By choosing the insulated garage door panel, you can protect your garage from the elements like wind, rain and extreme temperatures. Some of the design options on Traditional Steel garage doors include:

• Panel designs – Pick your favorite from the standard, stamped or long panel garage door choices.
• Door colors – The five standard colors include white, almond, desert tan, taupe and brown. You can also choose to have the garage door painted to match your house’s color.
• Windows and glass – You can add customized windows and your glass preference to your garage door. For the glass choices, you can decide on clear, obscure, insulated, solar bronze or high-velocity impact glass.
• Wind load options – The WindStorm™ wind-load rated system is an option for select Traditional Steel garage doors. Now your garage door can withstand hurricane-force winds with no problem.

Every Traditional Steel garage door comes with an embossed wood-grain texture and resilient polyester paint finish. You’ll also find that these doors are reinforced for maximum durability and strength while maintaining a minimal weight.

The Thermacore® Collection

For maximum thermal efficiency, the Thermacore® Collection is manufactured with premium insulation construction. If your home is located in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, increased thermal protection adds comfort for your home as well as lower energy bills. In addition, the Thermacore® Collection comes with these available options:

• Panel designs – Choose from standard, stamped, long or flush panels in either seven or eight feet tall doors.
• Door colors – In addition to the standard colors, select models are available in brown, hunter green, gray, black or textured wood grain finishes in golden oak, mission oak or walnut.
• Window and glass – Window styles vary depending on the type of garage door panel you choose. On some models, you can even arrange the windows vertically or as a double row. For glass options, you can decide on insulated, tempered, obscure, solar bronze, high-velocity impact glass or Clear Lexan® shatter-resistant glass.
• Decorative accents – Finish off your premium garage door with ornamental hardware such as quality handles and hinges.

We Can Help

Both the Traditional Steel and Thermacore® Collection garage doors provide beauty, sophistication and insulation protection for your home. With so many design choices and options, feel free to visit our website today for more information.

Sleek, Modern and Maintenance Free

Upgrading the exterior of your home makes a world of difference in its appearance and also adds value to your property. In fact, replacing old garage doors with new is one of the best investments you can make, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 2015 Remodeling Impact Report.

Your garage doors account for a significant section of your home’s facade, so they should enhance its overall cachet. Also, with all the options in specially engineered materials and finishes, the doors you choose will look their best for years with zero maintenance. Depending on the style of your home and landscape, the Modern Aluminum, Impression or Durafirm Collections offer options that can turn your home from a wallflower into a work of art.

Modern Aluminum Garage Doors: The Ultimate in Contemporary Style

Sleek style best describes the Modern Aluminum garage door selection. Fashioned from light-filtering panes of glass and corrosion-resistant aluminum that is strong and durable, the doors in the Modern Aluminum collection pack a lot of appeal. If you have with an eye for design and an instinct for exceptional value, you’ll love this product line.

Choose from normal or heavy-duty frames in standard or custom sizes. The heavy-duty Model 521 is available in widths up to 20 feet and offers wind resistant upgrades.

Glass options include:

• Insulation
• Double-paned
• Obscure
• Satin
• Low E
• Tempered
• Tinted
• Clear polycarbonate
• Clear acrylic

These garage doors come in a clear finish, a dark bronze or a black anodized finish. You also have 188 options in powder coat colors, plus luxurious hardware choices.

Impression Collection Garage Doors: Artful Technology

The Impression line of garage doors pairs attractive wood-grain molded fiberglass with the underlying strength of steel. These architectural-quality doors enrich the appearance of your home’s exterior, bumping up its curb appeal. The wood-like finish provides years of maintenance-free, timeless beauty while the steel framework ensures structural reliability over the long-term. Polyurethane foam insulation supplies temperature regulation and mutes street noises.

You have four distinct design choices for your Impression Collection garage doors:

1. Vertical raised
2. Vertical slat
3. Horizontal raised
4. Horizontal v-groove

Ten wood-stain finishes give you plenty of options for matching or complementing your home’s facade. Optional windows with several choices in glass invite further customization, and powder-coated hardware adds upscale style.

Durafirm Collection: Lasting Beauty

Affordability, thermal efficiency and lasting durability make the Durafirm Collection an optimum choice in garage doors. They are rust-resistant, dent-protected and insulated too. Optional windows are available in clear, tinted or satin etched glass.

Durafirm doors have a steel framework, polyurethane insulation and a durable, low maintenance, UV-resistant vinyl skin. Four traditional color options look great with just about any exterior color scheme:

1. Cape Cod Gray
2. Adobe Cream
3. Glacier White
4. Monterey Sand

Durafirm garage doors come with a 15-year limited warranty, so you can depend on them looking and working great for some time to come.

At Overhead Garage Doors of Portland, we take pride in bringing you the latest designs and technologies in garage doors to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Contact us today for more information on our products.

New Garage Doors Can Help Increase Property Value

A New Garage Door Invites Buyers In

If you’re selling your home in favor of new digs, chances are good that you’ve already got a huge to-do list. While we don’t want to load you down with even more responsibilities, you might find it a lot easier to overcome your general real estate stress if you do everything possible to increase your home’s curb value.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing walls or rush to the garden center to build up an attractive flower bed. A new garage door could be your ticket to attracting buyers.

Painting a Prettier Picture

Take a step out into your front yard, and look at your home. While you were out there, did you notice anything about your building’s appearance? If your home is like most of Portland’s typical residences, your garage accounts for a big percentage of the surface area it presents to the world. Although their utilitarian function may not exactly make them the focus of daily household activity, garage doors have a visual impact that’s impossible to ignore, and if yours looks unattractive or worn down, it brings the rest of your house down with it.

Increasing Value

Think you can afford to ignore curb appeal? Experts say otherwise, with many noting strong correlations between a home’s appearance and the kinds of asking prices sellers can usually fetch.

Of course, your bank account probably isn’t a bottomless pool, so you’ll have to choose your renovations judiciously. When deciding where to overhaul and where to simply apply a new coat of paint, consider the fact that some projects offer superior returns. According to sources like Angie’s List, homeowners may recoup around 84 percent of their garage door investments when it’s time to sell. This is a far cry from what you might make back on say, a new roof.

Picking the Perfect Match

Choosing a new garage door can be a big step, especially if you’re unsure precisely when you might move. As a general rule, you should compare and contrast a number of different aesthetic options with photo mock ups or some other tool that actually lets you see how the result will look for each installation.

When it comes to selecting materials and functional design options, think about what might provide the most value to a new homeowner. Does your garage’s minimal amount of insulation make it advisable to install a door with thicker panels? Is your extra-wide frame better suited by two independently opening doors?

By keeping these and other questions in mind, you’ll find it much easier to make a smooth transition regardless when you actually start packing boxes. Learn more about what your garage means for your home’s value by visiting the Overhead Door Company of Portland today.

The Top Six Overhead Door Design Trends of 2015

Overhead garage doors make a statement about your home or business. Imagine pulling up to your home or commercial property and knowing that your overhead garage door is the envy of your area. So what are trendy homeowners and business owners choosing for their overhead designs this year? Take a closer look at these top six overhead door designs and decide which may be the best choice for you!

1. Go bold – Why not go all out and install a new overhead garage door that really turns heads? One of the latest design trends is to have a garage door that stands out from the rest of the house. Doors with custom designs, intricate hardware or playful geometric shapes are very popular this year.

2. Choose color – Not to be outdone by colorful front doors, overhead garage doors are now available in a variety of fun colors. Some homeowners prefer to match the color of the front door with the garage door, but others like to mix it up a little. Whether you decide on a traditional color like brown or a bright color like red, garage doors are a perfect place to show off your style.

3. Wood wins – For a classic look, you can choose a garage door with wood grain paint in a wide range of natural tones. The best part is the actual overhead door is still constructed of sturdy steel while the façade provides a real wood appearance. Check out some actual examples on different wood styles here.

4. The bigger the better – Many properties are remodeling now to accommodate large vehicles, boats or campers in the garage. With garage doors getting bigger and wider now, customized overhead doors are a great way to upgrade your office or home’s look at the same time.

5. Technology triumphs – In today’s world, you don’t have to fiddle around for old clickers or remember a key code. Nowadays, most garages will open and close by utilizing the internet on your cell phone. On top of that, new garage doors are equipped with soundless belt drives, battery backup systems, monitors and special side mount capabilities.

6. Green sustainability – Contemporary offices and homes are continuing to look for ways to be aesthetically pleasing without impacting the environment. Many overhead garage doors are constructed with sustainable products while still providing fashionable finishes. You may be surprised to discover that many environmentally-friendly doors are now available at affordable prices.

Whether you’re trying to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, remodel your office’s garage or plan for an extreme overhead door makeover, contact Overhead Door Company of Portland for some helpful pointers. With so many options and designer choices, sometimes an objective opinion can make a big difference in your final decision.

How Your Garage Door Could Help Sell Your Property

Sell Your Home on Its Garage Without Even Cleaning It Out

Your garage door is more than a simple portal to your driveway. In addition to keeping your lawnmower safe, your door acts as your home’s most prominent calling card on the real estate market.

House-hunting homeowners could very well base their decisions on how nice your garage looks, and they may not even wait until they get inside to pass final judgement. Here are three little-known ways your garage door might be the key to selling your home

Going for Classic Style with the Ranch Look

Garage door treatments are commonly used to make homes appear more upscale. One way to give your property an element of laid-back, rustic aesthetic is to upgrade to a door that features naturalistic wood paneling. Many people find that these traditionally-styled building elements are a step above the standard fare because they add a bit of warmth to an otherwise imposing entryway.

Upgrading to the Hyper-Modern Aesthetic

You don’t have to decorate your home as if it’s an art gallery to feel like you’re living in modern times. Today’s garage door styles include a number of alternative materials, like tempered glass in clear or frosted tones. You can even install metallic doors that offer a bit more protection while still leaving plenty of room for customization.

Don’t Forget the Trimmings

Any aspiring home decorator is bound to make mistakes, but some faux pas are so heinous that they might actually lead to buyers asking for a discount. If your garage door is fresh and new, but its surroundings look like something out of a horror film, you’ll find it difficult to convince people that your property is worth the investment. Make sure that any garage renovation you undertake includes the area around the door itself. Reface brick or siding as needed, and upgrade your lighting to accentuate the new door.
Of course, remodeling isn’t all cosmetic; the seals around your door’s frame may be replaced, and the pavement leading up to it may require a resurfacing. These minor details are extremely important. No matter how good you are at choosing aesthetic elements that wow people and increase your home’s curb appeal, buyers are fickle. If they discover that you’re hiding a broken door mechanism or misaligned panels behind those well-maintained planters, you shouldn’t be surprised when you just can’t seem to get your asking price.

Ready to turn your garage door into the kind of gateway that sells homes? Check out the Overhead Door Company of Portland’s blog for more tips. You can also contact us directly for help with your most dire remodeling or repair emergencies, so feel free to reach out anytime.

Everything You Need to Know About R-Values and How Your Garage Door Lowers Your Energy Bills


How to Choose Garage Doors that Minimize Heat Loss

Without the right type of door, your garage can be a big source of heat loss. An understanding of insulation and R-value helps explain how garage doors impact the overall energy efficiency of your home.

What is R-Value?

R-value is a measurement of the thermal resistance of a material. The higher the value, the better the material is at resisting heat transfer. The R-value of an insulated garage door tells you how much heat it will keep inside your home.

U-factor is the opposite measurement of R-value and indicates how well a material conducts heat. Knowing both of these numbers when shopping for garage doors can be useful, but R-value is usually the figure given by manufacturers.

Where Energy Goes

Air leakage is the major source of energy loss in your garage. If you don’t have an insulated door, heat flows out from your house, through the garage and into the environment. Even doors with a high R-value can let out a lot of heat if they’re not sealed properly when closed. This causes your furnace to work harder and use more energy to maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

A well-insulated garage door also won’t do you much good if the wall between the garage and the house doesn’t have insulation. The garage may not lose heat, but it will continue to flow out of the house, leaving interior rooms uncomfortably chilly. A poor seal around the connecting door that leads to the garage will let even more heat out.

Conserve Energy With the Right Garage Door

Upgrading to a garage door with a high R-value can slash energy bills by as much as 30 percent. Ask the manufacturer for an R-value of the door as a whole to make sure that you get an accurate measurement. Some companies only measure at the center of the door, and this can result in an artificially high reading. Once you find a door you like, have it installed by a knowledgeable professional who can maximize its energy-saving potential.

If you suspect that your garage door is the cause of your high energy bills, get in touch with the Overhead Door Company of Portland. Our Thermacore doors use a combination of metal and foam to insulate your home against heat loss and maintain a stable temperature inside the garage. Other insulated models are available to match the style of your home. Visit our website today to learn more about our offerings or stop by our showroom and see our garage door collections in person. Choose your favorite design and start enjoying a warmer, more comfortable home.

The 4 Types of Garage Doors You Never Knew You Needed

garage doors portland

Find out which materials make the best garage doors

In the crowded world of home improvement products, where aesthetic staples like front doors and windows dominate, garage doors rarely get the recognition they deserve for making homes more beautiful, functional and valuable. The fact is that the right garage door can set the tone for your entire home, and with so many upgraded materials to choose from, finding that perfect fit is easier than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about the top four types of garage doors on the market right now.


Strong, resilient and durable, steel garage doors are ideal for spaces that see a lot of wear. Despite packing a powerful punch, steel doors are surprisingly lightweight. If you’re after their qualities but would like a softer, more classic look, the metal surface can be easily painted in any pattern or overlaid with faux wood panels. You can also layer real wood on top of the base, but be sure to choose a lighter wood material to avoid putting too much weight on your garage doors.


Since a new set of garage doors is a potentially pricey long-term investment, where you live plays an important role in the type of materials you should consider. If you like the idea of steel but live near the coast or anywhere moisture is a concern, you can get a similar look and function without the risk of corrosion with sturdy aluminum doors.

Like steel garage doors, aluminum doors can be polished for an ultra-modern look or covered with textured panels and paint for a warmer finish.


For homeowners who love that traditional feel of all-natural materials, classic wood garage doors can’t be beat. Designed with a dazzling variety of woods, shades and grains, wood garage doors can fit almost any style, from luxurious to tropical to rustic. In the rare case that you can’t find the right look for your home, you can create it yourself or on order with custom finishes and stains.


While it’s versatile and strong, wood is still an organic material, so it can be impractical in woody areas with large pest populations. This is where fiberglass—available in a variety of beautiful faux wood finishes—comes in. Known for being resistant to both pests and moisture, it’s the quintessential material for homes in challenging environments.

Are you in the market for new garage doors in Portland? Contact Overhead Door Company of Portland directly or browse our website to learn more about our garage doors and installation services.

Who Created the First Garage?


In the United States alone, more than 80 million homes feature an integrated garage. It’s hard to imagine a time without them, especially if you live in an area where snow and ice is common. Although you see them everywhere you look, you may not know how they came to be.

Henry Ford’s Miscalculation

In 1896, a young Henry Ford was in a neighbor’s coal shed working on his quadricycle or horseless carriage. The simple predecessor to the motor vehicle consisted of a buggy frame on bicycle wheels with a small motor. Wrapped up in the excitement of his new invention, Ford must have lost track of his surroundings. When the quadricycle was complete, he realized that it was too large to be taken out of the shed in one piece. Undaunted, he simply knocked down a section of brisk wall and installed what many consider to be the first garage door.

Garage Growth and Development

As more people began buying and driving automobiles, the need for safe storage became apparent. At first, car owners tried to use carriage houses and stables, but the vehicles didn’t fit correctly, and the horses weren’t happy with their new roommates. Soon, prefabricated garages and carports became available through retailers like Sears and Roebuck. These early problem-solvers were generally kept at a distance. Gasoline stations weren’t yet widely accessible, so car owners had to store their own gas. Due to the fire hazard, it was more sensible to place the garage in the back of the yard. Once a more established network of gas stations was in place, this was no longer necessary, and the obvious convenience of having an attached garage started changing the face of home architecture. While no one is sure exactly when the first attached garage was built, a magazine called Country Life featured one in a 1941 edition.

New Looks, New Technology

Many early garages resembled carriage or stable houses with large, side-by-side wooden doors that could only be opened by hand. Today’s garages feature automated doors and are built in a variety of styles to match home architecture and decor. Some even mimic the old-fashioned barn-door look. However, advances in technology have made garages much easier to use; perks like remote garage door openers and garage heating are now standard. You don’t even need a car to appreciate your garage. It makes a great storage room for your seasonal decor or a fully equipped home gym. It could even become the home base for an 80s cover band or a phenomenal man-cave.

Overhead Door Company of Portland

Whether you use your garage for parking your car or turn it into an art studio, you need a quality garage door to ensure safety, secure access, energy efficiency, and comfort. Overhead Door Company of Portland provides top-quality garage doors from trusted manufacturers and we guarantee service and maintenance for the life of your door. Our experts can help you select the perfect garage door and accessories for your needs and budget. Contact us today for more information.

Cold-Weather Problems That Affect Garages and Garage Doors

What to expect when your garage meets winter’s chill

Winter in Portland, OR, may not be as frigid as in other parts of the country, but the cold can still do a number on your garage. From problems with the way the door opens and shuts to heat loss in the garage itself, winter can bring a host of difficulties.

Metal Mishaps

Your garage door has metal parts such as springs and screws that contract when the temperature drops. As they do, it can cause the door to malfunction or make noise as it operates. Sometimes parts seize up completely, making it difficult or impossible to get the door open. Adding extra lubricant can mitigate the problem, but be careful of using too much as the cold can cause it to thicken up, creating an even bigger mess.

Water Worries

When the Portland winter brings rain, moisture may cause your garage door frame to swell and the door to scrape against it when opening or closing. This causes excess wear and tear at the least and a stuck door at the worst. If the temperature drops, the door may wind up frozen shut, leaving your car out in the cold.

Warps and Breaks

Cold weather may cause the tracks your garage door rides on to warp, creating misalignment that makes it difficult for the door to operate. Changes in temperature may also lead to broken springs, throwing the door off balance. Inspect the door and try opening it manually if you suspect either of these problems.

Electrical Errors

Some garage doors problems are related to the opener. If your door stops working, check the electrical connections and fittings before doing anything else. All that may be necessary is a quick visit from a repair service to get the opener working again.

Just Plain Cold

Garage doors come with fiberglass exteriorsMany garages lack the insulation necessary to keep them warm in the winter. A cold garage can cause damage to your car and whatever else you’re storing there. To improve the energy efficiency of the space, you can:

• Invest in an insulated garage door
• Insulate the garage area with fiberglass batting
• Install weather stripping around the windows and door

A garage heater can also be useful for extra warmth to help get the car going in the morning or to keep your workshop area comfortable.

Sometimes winter garage problems require a bit more than DIY fixes. The Overhead Door Company of Portland has you covered when you need garage door repair and replacement. Give us a call and we’ll help you pick the perfect new door for your garage, choose a reliable opener, and get everything set up so that it runs smoothly no matter what the weather.

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Garage Door

Knowing when to choose garage door repair or replacement

Replace old garage doorsYour garage door protects your car and your belongings, keeps heat from leaking out of the garage, and ensures that wildlife stays outside where it belongs. Watch for these signs of a failing door to know when it’s time to invest in a replacement to maintain the safety of your home.

Excessive Noise

Loud grinding, rattling, whirring, or clicking when your garage door opens and shuts can be a sign that something serious is going on. Take a moment to listen when you pull into the garage. If you hear anything unusual, call a professional garage door repair company. Noises could be a sign of failing parts or a potentially dangerous structural situation.

A Lack of Balance

Over time, the springs that hold up your garage door experience wear and tear. Changing temperatures and daily use put a strain on the metal, and often one will start to give out before the other. If the door begins to rattle as it opens and shuts, try opening it manually and closing it halfway. A door that stays put when you let go is fine, but if it starts to fall, you’re dealing with spring problems. This should be addressed right away to avoid the safety hazards that result from spring failure.

Visible Damage

Garage doors that are bent or are developing cracks and holes in the surface don’t seal properly, resulting in spaces that compromise the integrity of the garage. What seems like simple cosmetic damage could in fact be a sign of extensive rot underneath, a problem that can eventually lead to complete door failure.

Wasted Energy

Any of these problems can result in higher utility bills. If you suddenly find yourself paying more for electricity with no apparent change in use, check the garage door. You may discover gaps or cracks that are letting heat out, or the door might not be closing all the way. Look for wear and tear on the weather stripping at the bottom of the door as well. A higher electric bill could also be a sign that the insulation on the door is beginning to fail, making it more difficult for your home heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature.

If you need garage door repair or replacement to address these issues, you can rely on the Overhead Door Company of Portland, OR. Our services include installation of brand new, top-of-the-line garage doors made from quality materials in modern styles that add curb appeal to your home. Give us a call today to learn more about your options or to request a free quote.