5 Reasons to Have a Garage Door With Windows

Why a garage door with windows is always a smart choice

GarageWindows_iStockIt’s time to replace your garage door, and you’re overwhelmed by the options. When it comes to picking a new garage door, it’s essential to consider your own needs as well as the climate in Portland. One of the most basic decisions you’ll need to make when shopping is whether or not your garage door should have windows. If you’re not convinced that windows are a necessity, check out five reasons why they’re always a smart choice.

Do You Need a Garage Door With Windows?

Garage doors are available in dozens of different styles and configurations. Of course, you’ll be focused on finding a door of the right size and architectural style. As you shop, remember that choosing extra features such as windows can make a big difference in the usability and value of your garage door. Windowed doors can:

Add natural light. Windowed garage doors allow plenty of natural light to enter your space. This means that you won’t have to rely on light bulbs that drive up your electricity bill when you need to find something in your garage during the day. Natural light can also help scare away pests that like to hide in very dark garages.

Show off your toys. If you keep collectible vehicles in your garage, you may want to show them off to the neighborhood. There’s no better way to do so than by choosing a windowed door. After all, windows will allow everyone to see in but will prevent damage from the elements and passersby.

Have a window on the weather. You probably peak outside before you head to the garage to start your car in the morning. However, all Portland denizens know that the weather can change in an instant. Having windows in your garage means that you’ll know exactly what kind of weather you’re headed into every day.

Your garage door makes a big impact on your home’s overall appearance. The garage door accounts for more than 30% of the front of some homes, meaning that it can make a huge difference in the overall look of your home.

Boost your home’s value. Choosing a garage door that improves the appearance of your home does more than just increase aesthetic value. It can also increase the actual monetary value of your home. Remember to choose a door that is both sturdy and attractive to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Choosing a new garage door means evaluating your needs and considering what extra features will improve your home’s usability and appearance. Contact us at Overhead Door Company of Portland today to learn more about your windowed garage door options.

Turning Your Home Into a Palace: How to Prepare for Garage Door Installation

Don't let clutter interrupt your garage door installationAs you eagerly await the installation of your new garage door, you can follow a few simple guidelines that will allow the entire process to move forward without any problems. By cleaning up the area and ensuring that everyone stays out of the way of the contractor, the project can be completed in just a few hours. Here are some tried-and-true tips for preparing for installation day.

Move Your Vehicle to an Alternate Location

You should try to secure an alternative location in which to store your vehicle for a few hours. In most cases, you can simply park it on the street. If local code doesn’t allow for this, you can always move it to a parking lot until the installation work is completed. You should be especially careful with luxury vehicles. Minimal damage to the paint or fender of a sports car will likely cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

Secure Valuables in the Immediate Vicinity

If you have items in the garage that are valuable, you should remove them. Expensive gemstones or jewelry pieces that are currently being stored in a chest in the garage, for example, should be removed. Likewise, priceless family heirlooms can be brought into the house to ensure that nothing happens to them. When dealing with money, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Remove Troublesome Odds and Ends

Your garage should be completely free of all items that could potentially interrupt the work. This means you should remove chemicals, paint cans, sharp tools and old pieces of metal or lumber. All of these items can be transferred to the back of the garage. If there are large pieces of equipment hanging on the walls, these should likewise be taken down. You’ll want to prevent expensive devices from being accidentally bumped and damaged during the project.

Block Off the Area to Small Children and Pets

Small children and pets should be brought into the house for safety. Contractors will generally be working with heavy pieces of material and electric motors, and their progress is likely to be slowed considerably if they have to worry about the safety of your little ones. All of the project equipment should be removed from the garage area before pets and children are allowed to run free.

If you need assistance with garage door installation in Portland, OR, the pros at Overhead Door of Portland have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. Browse our site or give us a call for more information. We’re happy to guide you through the process so that your garage ends up being the envy of the neighborhood.

Understanding R-Values and Insulation

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Not your grandfather’s garage anymore

A garage is no longer exclusively used for housing vehicles overnight. In lieu of the expense of embarking on a home addition, many people are making low-cost improvements that will convert their garage into a workshop, home gym, recreation room, game room or play room for the kids.

Garage Door Efficiency

One of the biggest challenges homeowners face when converting their garage is the enormous thermal gain or loss that comes directly through the garage door. Removing the door and finishing the opening isn’t an option for most people because they want the flexibility to return the garage to its original purpose once the kids have left home or the house is sold. The majority of homeowners who convert their garage soon realize that the best solution is to replace their existing door with an insulated model.

All About R-Values

The R-value rating system was developed in order to provide consumers with an easy way to compare the efficiency of different kinds of insulation materials.

Receiving a physics lesson is about as interesting as watching fungus grow, so we’ll avoid a lengthy explanation of scientific formulas and algebraic calculations. Suffice to say that every substance has a quantifiable thermal conductivity factor know as its “k-value.” The measure of the resistance to heat flow for a particular material is determined by dividing its thickness by the associated k-value. For example, a 1-inch thick piece of fiberglass with a .25 k-value would have an R-value of four.

Since R-value is the industry standard for insulation ratings, some manufacturers have developed unorthodox testing methods in order to inflate their published R-values. Always verify that the material you’re considering was tested in accordance with ASTM C-518, which is the universally recognized thermal efficiency testing protocol.

The Insulated Garage Door Advantage

High-tech garage doors are available with R-value assemblies up to R-17.5, which can help improve indoor comfort and lower energy costs. The rooms that are adjacent to the garage will also maintain a more even temperature. Insulated garage doors tend to incorporate the highest quality components for better performance and longevity.

The Overhead Door Company of Portland, OR, provides a full array of garage door installation and repair services. Browse our inventory of garage doors and learn more about the many benefits of purchasing an insulated garage door at our showroom. You can also visit us online.

Protect Your Assets: Choosing a Residential Garage Door to Fit Your Home

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While you may be perfectly intrigued with adding a brand-new garage door to your property, it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of available styles. Whether you’re interested in a traditional or a contemporary style, you can choose something that neatly harmonizes with the rest of the house. Plus, once you’ve made your selection, you’ll have a perfectly safe place to store the luxury sports car you bought during your midlife crisis.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are designed to slide horizontally so that vehicles can easily enter and exit the garage. In fact, this particular style is meant to provide an eminently rustic feel to the property. If you live outside the city center, barn doors will seem more at home than they will in an urban or suburban setting. These doors typically feature wood-grain texture and embossed steel-back interiors. The doors mimic the farmhouses of old and are stylistically diverse. Carriage doors, which are usually manufactured from Amish-crafted wood, are similar to barn doors and are just as elegant.

Custom Wood

Custom wood doors will fit with a range of architectural styles. The framed panel designs are crafted from reputable hardwoods and will hold up well in even the harshest weather conditions. Both framed and raised panels are typically available. Wooden doors will generally increase the curb appeal of your residence without overshadowing any other architectural flourishes. Ornate carvings might even be added for a few extra bucks.

Modern Metal

Metallic garage doors offer their own perks. You’ll be able to choose from modern aluminum and traditional steel. Aluminum doors offer a sophisticated look that would not be out of place on a Hollywood mansion. If you have a two-car garage that’s extremely roomy on the inside, aluminum will bring the entire structure together. Steel, on the other hand, is both durable and low maintenance. It’s among the sturdiest substances on the planet and will make your garage nearly impenetrable to criminals.

Fiberglass and Vinyl

Fiberglass is an interesting alternative option. While it looks like custom wood, it’s much easier to maintain. With a range of wonderful design and color options, you’ll surely appreciate the versatility of the material. Vinyl, on the other hand, provides excellent protection against exterior noise. It’s also resistant to dents and the accumulation of dirt and grime. Warranties for both fiberglass and vinyl typically extend to 15 years.

If you need help with garage door installation in Portland, OR, look no further than Overhead Door Company of Portland. Feel free to browse our website or call us for further assistance, or for more information on the types and styles of garage doors we specialize in. We can set you up with an installation plan that will take your property to elegant new heights.

10 Essential Garage Door Safety Tips

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Can you imagine having to get out of your car to open your garage in the rain? The idea probably ranks just above walking across the room to change channels on your television on your “Things I Don’t Want to Do” list. Automatic garage doors are an amazing convenience of modern life, but they can also present many potential hazards to kids and pets. Many people simply don’t think about the dangers of garage doors until an accident happens and someone gets injured.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) took the issue seriously back in 1992 after reviewing reports of 48 child entrapment deaths due to automatic garage door openers, but the CPSC can’t camp out on your lawn to make sure your toddler hasn’t confiscated your opener, or your older kids haven’t decided to race the closing garage door for fun. Fortunately, most disasters are preventable without government surveillance. All it takes is a little family education, careful supervision and consistent maintenance. Garage doors aren’t the bad guys. As with any type of machinery or appliance, you have to use them properly to ensure that they don’t hurt you. To keep your household safe, follow the tips below, and review all safety measures with your children.

Must-Know Garage Door Safety Tips

1.    Never stand or walk under or near a garage door when it’s opening or closing, or allow your children or pets to do so.

2.    Don’t race a moving door when entering or leaving in your car. You might not win.

3.    Never treat your garage door opener as a toy. Don’t let small children play with it.

4.    Be sure that interior push-button garage-door controls are mounted at least five feet from the floor.

5.    Teach your kids to keep their fingers and hands away from door sections, especially when the door is in operation.

6.    During operation, keep your eyes on the door until it has completed its task.

7.    Make sure that no adults, kids or pets try to enter or leave while the door is moving.

8.    Unless you’re a qualified technician, don’t try to service the door yourself. You could risk serious electrical shock or injuries from tense cables and springs.

9.    If someone backs into your garage door, have it inspected and serviced to ensure safe operation.

10. Have your garage door inspected and maintained by a trained service technician at least once a year.

Trust Overhead Door Company of Portland to Replace Your Unsafe Garage Doors

If your aging garage door is malfunctioning or threatening the safety of your family or pets, let us replace it. Don’t worry, we won’t abandon you after the garage door installation is finished. We’ll stay on the job to make sure that your new door continues to perform safely and smoothly. We’ve been installing and servicing superior-quality, long-lasting, affordable garage door products since 1929. Our work is backed by years of expertise and our guarantee of service and maintenance for the life of your door. Contact us to learn more.

Don’t Sabotage Your Entry With a Messy Garage


Do you dread opening your garage door because you can never be sure what might come crashing down? These types of messes aren’t just annoying; they can pose a potential hazard by blocking entry to the garage. Try these tips for clearing clutter before it causes damage to the door or injury to your family.

Every Wall Is “Floor Space”

When you think of the walls of your garage as an extension of the floor, you suddenly have a whole lot more storage area to work with. Take the tools that have been sitting in boxes and hang them up on pegboards or sturdy hooks for easy access. Shelving and bins add space for gardening accessories, sports equipment and toys.

The Ceiling Is Also a Floor

…Sort of. Obviously, you can’t walk on it or park your car there, but that’s exactly what makes the garage ceiling a great storage space. Transform this under-utilized area by installing hanging racks or DIY shelving. As long as you place your storage systems away from the track of the door, you can use every available inch of ceiling to hold something that used to be on the floor. Elevated shelves are great for holding equipment that you only use on occasion and for keeping potentially hazardous items such as cans of paint out of the reach of children and pets.

Clattering Clutter—or Not

Garden tools are notorious for collapsing directly in the path of anyone walking by. The simple act of opening your garage door can be enough to send them crashing to the ground. Put a stop to this unfair attack with a system of wall hooks or rods. Don’t just hang up the obvious things such as rakes, hoes and trowels; invest in hangers that are strong enough to hold heavier lawn tools such as a mower and weed whacker. Hang up the wheel barrow, too, and you’ll have everything you need all in one place the next time you’re ready to tackle a mess in the yard.

A well-organized garage deserves an eye-catching door. At the Overhead Door Company of Portland, we offer a variety of door styles as well as full garage door installation services. Check out our website to see how our products can give your Portland, OR, home an aesthetic boost that accents your newly cleaned garage while increasing curb appeal.

Put Down the Wrench! Let the Pros Handle Garage Door Repairs

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Think you can save a few bucks by doing your own garage door repair? Think again.

Do you really understand what’s going on with your garage door? Most people don’t. Garage doors tend to be one of those things you hardly even notice—until something goes wrong.

Even the most skilled weekend handyman should call on a professional garage door repair outfit if something goes awry with their garage door. The average garage door weighs more than 250 pounds, and some older wooden garage doors may weigh a whopping 350 pounds. Besides the weight, a garage door has a lot of moving parts, many of which can really hurt anyone who messes with them. Things like pulleys, cables, and torsion springs have the capacity to take a person’s fingers right off. Is that something a home handyman is prepared to deal with? Probably not.

We don’t want you to fear your garage door. It might be in your best interest to know a thing or two about how it works, however. Popular Mechanics magazine published an interesting article about electric garage door openers; if you’d like an idea of what happens when you open and close your garage door, give it a read and then give us a call.

When you require garage door repair or replacement, call on Overhead Door Company of Portland. We’ve got the skills, the tools, and the expertise to manage anything that might occur with your garage door or the opener that lifts and lowers the door. We can even replace your remote control unit. We can install, service, repair or replace any kind of door you’ve got, whether it’s an electric or manually operated door.

Overhead Door Company of Portland has been in the garage door business since 1929. If something’s gone wrong with your garage door, tell us about it. We look forward to meeting you and providing every sort of service your garage door requires. Yes, we offer 24-hour emergency repair service.

In Case of Fire: How Garage Door Features Can Minimize Your Losses

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Unless you’re grilling a steak or trying to stay warm at a campsite, fire isn’t usually a welcome entity. If you own a commercial building, one accidental fire could destroy your assets. Keeping your merchandise, employees and valuable documents safe is a top priority. If you’re not familiar with fire prevention, following FEMA’s fire prevention tips is a great start. However, even if you’re careful, fires can happen. One way to reduce your losses in the event of a fire is to incorporate fire-resistant features into the structure of your building. Garage doors with flame-proof elements can slow the rate of a rapidly spreading fire; this gives people inside the structure time to escape injury and firefighters more time to get the blaze under control before extensive damage occurs.

Components That Make Your Garage Door a Fearless Firefighter

If you want fire protection, here are the features you should look for when choosing commercial doors:

•    Be sure that your garage door is rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as a fire-resistant product. You can do this by checking the manufacturer’s specifications. Learn more about the UL fire-resistance rating system at their website.

•    Some commercial fire-rated doors are designed to close automatically when a fire or alarmed event occurs.

•    The Fire Minuteman is a UL-listed and FM-approved reset hoist for fire doors. It eliminates the need to release spring tension on fire drop and allows one person to reset the door from the floor. No special tools, ladders or specific training is required, so anyone can accomplish the task in an emergency.

•    The Fire Sentinel is a time-relay release device that provides added control over door closure.

The Overhead Door Company of Oregon Cares About Your Safety

When Portland, OR, business owners need garage door replacement, they turn to the company that’s been providing expert installation since 1929. Serving Portland’s residential and commercial clients, we deliver customized service that includes unmatched ongoing maintenance and cutting-edge security technology. To find a garage door that boasts the most reliable safety and fire-prevention features, visit our showroom or contact us for more information.

Garage Doors: Wood vs. Steel

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Which door material will best suit your needs?

When you decide to buy a new garage door, it’s crucial to pick the right material for your home or business. Most garage door installers in Oregon offer several wood and steel options. The Chicago Tribune reports that steel has become very popular—only 1 out of 10 homeowners choose wood. Nonetheless, both materials have important pros and cons.


If you’re trying to conserve money, steel is probably the best choice. Basic wooden garage doors typically cost more than equivalent steel units. Also keep in mind that the total cost rises when you consider the extra maintenance that wood doors need.


Both materials can be vulnerable to certain types of deterioration, such as dents, rust and rot. You’ll need to stain a wooden garage door and perform other repairs more often than with steel. Portland’s damp climate puts wood at a disadvantage. Wood also offers less resistance to fire and hungry pests, such as ants or termites.

Some low-cost steel doors have thin panels that are prone to denting. Minor driving mistakes and wind-driven projectiles can mar these surfaces. Although a heavy-duty door costs and weighs more, it’s best to choose a thick, sturdy unit. Durability helps you save money in the long run—these doors last for decades with proper maintenance.


If a garage is connected to your home, you can cut heating and cooling expenses with an insulated door. Most steel units come with layers of built-in foam insulation. Wood panels usually don’t insulate rooms very well. However, this isn’t a significant concern for people with detached garages.


A lightweight door is easier to open, maintain and install. Like many steel products, metal garage doors weigh somewhat less than their wooden counterparts. This only becomes important when you plan to open and close them by hand. Garage door openers can lift either material without difficulty.


Attractive doors boost a property’s resale value and enhance your home or business’s appearance. Some homeowners prefer the look of wooden doors, especially if they own rustic buildings with wood siding. They’re popular in several upscale Portland neighborhoods. You can order wood doors in more styles and textures than steel units.

Aside from garage door material, it’s vital to choose a skilled contractor with quality products and installation. Every door is a wise investment when you benefit from Overhead Door Company of Portland’s long-term experience and commitment. We can help you choose the right doors to suit any building.

For a free quote on commercial or residential garage door installation in Portland, please contact us today.

The Need for Speed: Do You Need a Faster Garage Door Opener?

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Your garage door can affect your life in ways you can’t predict, especially if it’s reaching the end of its days. Garage doors that open too slowly, fail to respond, hesitate or torture you by bouncing repeatedly for no apparent reason can cause chaos in your carefully planned day. Here are a few instances when having a fast, reliable garage door is especially important.

The Need for Speed

• Speed is essential when you have to use the bathroom. It never fails: when you have a desperate need to relieve yourself, your garage door will not only become slower than turtles stampeding through peanut butter, it’ll choose this moment to perform in a bizarre, unexplainable manner or fail to perform at all. It’s not easy to open a garage door manually with your legs crossed.

• Sometimes you need to get inside because your neighbors are outside. We’ve all had at least one annoying neighbor who constantly accosts us after work, and talks about the love lives of everyone on the block, or shares every intimate detail of their doctor’s visit. If your garage door is fast enough, you don’t even have to make eye contact.

• Your dinner is in jeopardy. Perhaps leaving a souffle in the oven while you run errands isn’t the wisest household decision, but sometimes it just happens. If the cashier at the grocery store is as slow as your garage door, you’ll need to get back home and inside fast before your smoke alarm scares the neighbor who’ll never stop talking about it.

Live Life Faster: Get a Faster Garage Door Opener

No garage door will qualify for the Indy 500, but yours should allow you to get into your garage before you run out of gas. If you find yourself singing “Anticipation” every time you reach your driveway, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to your old garage door and get a fast, stylish new one. When you find the perfect door, check with your installer to be sure you’re getting the fastest possible garage door opener for your new door. Today’s technology offers quiet, powerful openers that operate smoothly and won’t cause you to miss the start of your favorite show.

Trust the Overhead Door Company of Portland to Get You Up to Speed

The best way to ensure that you always get into your Portland, OR, garage in time to save your pot roast or your dignity is to trust the company that’s been installing and servicing top-quality garage doors since 1929. We can equip your home with a fast, reliable and beautiful product that will give you years of great performance, and you’ll enjoy our expert service and maintenance for the life of your garage door. Visit us on the web, or contact us today for more information.